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About Me

Hi! I’m Marjorie Bertman, Esq., but feel free to call me Margie. My college essay coaching career launched itself when my children were applying to college. In addition to encouraging my own kids through the process, I began assisting my friends’ children and my children’s friends with their essays, finding tremendous satisfaction and success in making this difficult challenge easier than most anticipate. 


Unlike many college consultants, I have chosen to focus my coaching strictly on the essay. The essay, as many experts reveal, has become the single most important component in the entire college application; it is the only place an individual is able to stand out among the many students with similar grades, scores activities. With the increased volume of applicants, few colleges still interview individual students –- the student must use the essay to show her or his unique, colorful personality and how she or he will contribute positively to that college's community.


I must admit that coaching students through their college essays is the most fun I have had with the writing process through many careers. For five years after college, I taught various grades while attending graduate school in education. Heading in a totally new direction, I immersed myself in law school and then practiced communications law for more than 30 years. Much of my work during my legal career involved writing and editing. In the midst of that, for four years I volunteered weekly in the College/Career Center at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I discovered how much I enjoy cultivating confidence and energy in students about to embark on their futures. What started as a new career several years ago has evolved as my true calling.


I was not surprised to discover that my natural inclinations in coaching students through the essay writing process reflect much of what I found when I subsequently researched the subject. While I have combed through a great deal of information available on the internet and in books about writing the college essay, the personal, positive style in my one-on-one coaching facilitates the many aspects of the essay process. I do not suggest that the process is easy, nor do I ever write anyone’s essay; I merely create a positive environment and structure that stimulate students to tackle the process and follow through to completion. 


My twins, a son and a daughter, were each admitted to several schools and chose to attend M.I.T and the University of Virginia, respectively. As I work to empower each student to paint a distinctive, personal picture in every essay, the excitement I experienced with my own children surges again. I get that “proud mama” feeling each time one of “my” students submits an effective essay and is accepted to a college or university. (Plus, I love to help a family survive this stressful process!) I hope you decide to let me coach you or your student!    

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