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Welcome to Just Write 4 College! 


Since you are here, you must be facing the challenging and stressful task of writing an essay for your college application. While you may know how important the essay is for your application, are you aware that most reviewers spend a maximum of 2-3 minutes reading your essay? In that brief snapshot, your essay must let the admissions evaluators know exactly who you are and why you will be a wonderful addition to their student community. 

Writing about yourself inevitably involves some stress, but we can minimize it and make the process fun. I will assist you in creating a personal essay that is “you!” Each student is unique, so I will tailor my process to help you explore your life experiences for ideas, confront that blank piece of paper or computer screen, and develop your writing through outlines, revisions, and edits to a perfected final essay.  

Let’s get started. I will encourage and motivate you to a perfectly “you” final essay!

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